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Information on various plan

Introducing Kaiseki cooking course and beer halls that can be used on a day trip

We have prepared a memorial service, celebrations, and contents that you can enjoy with your family and friends.
From 2022, the take-out set "Ryochiku Ohako Bento" has also been well received.

List of day trip plan

  • One-day lunch plan((Room break/ /Kaiseki cuisine/ /Private bath)

    【Weekdays】From 8,800 yen to 13,200 yen/ /Inquiries required for "day before holidays / special days".
    Kaiseki meal + room meal + private bath 50 minutes + break/ /From 11:00 to 14:00/ /Limited to 2 groups a day!
    It is a day trip plan that you can enjoy the feeling of staying empty-handed.
  • Holy memorial service

    We accept various legal requirements.
    Various Buddhist items and other items can be prepared.((Partially charged)
    We will respond to various time and styles.
    We will pick you up from the city.((Inquiry required)
    • Various memorial service plan


      7,700 yen((Tax included)


      6,600 yen((Tax included)
  • Holy memorial service【ohako bento】

    We have prepared a ohako bento for take-out so that you can prepare it at home.
    Please contact us for various course.
    • Holy memorial service【ohako bento】

      Kiku Gozen Meal

      4,400 yen((Tax included)

      Suisen Gozen Meal

      5,500 JPY((Tax included)

      Children's lunch

      2,200 JPY((Tax included)
  • Celebration ohako bento

    It is a seasonal ohako bento.
    It can be used in celebration and business scenes.
    We also accept requests so that we can respond to various situations.
    We accept orders for 10 boxes or more.
    *The content of the dish is an image.The contents vary depending on the seasonal material.
    • Celebration ohako bento


      6,600 yen((Tax included)

      Cherry Blossoms

      5,500 JPY((Tax included)


      4,400 yen((Tax included)

      Children's lunch

      2,200 JPY((Tax included)
  • TAKEOUT beer hall

    We have prepared a popular beer hall so that you can enjoy it at home.
    We will respond to orders by 12:00 the day before.
    Hors d'oeuvre / Pork peach / Pork rose / Vegetable / Udon / Hot Pot
    2 to 3 servings:6,600 yen((Tax included)
    *Please order in sets.
  • Annual beer hall

    【Beer Kura 2023】

    Extremely Popular! Delicious and healthy!
    【Kaiseki cuisine, Hot Pot&Shabu-shabu Samgyeopsal】
    open bar/ /All-you-can-eat:6,600 yen/person((Tax included)
    unlimited time((up to 3 hours)
    Opening Hours:18:00 to 21:00((Last order 20:30)
    *Reservation required up to 2 days in advance
    *Reservations available for private use on weekdays for 20 or more people! ((Contact us)

    The annual event of Ryouchiku-Bettei will be held again this year!
    Please enjoy fresh domestic pork and local vegetables to your heart's content.

    Shuttle bus available
    Departs from JR Beppu Station 18:00
    Ryouchiku-Bettei Departs at 20:00
  • BBQ Plan【Private courtyard BBQ】

    It is a plan with hot spring bathing for 5,500 yen (tax included) per person.
    It can be reserved from 8 people!
    The annual event of Ryouchiku-Bettei will be held again this year!
    Please enjoy with fresh domestic pork.
    *Reservation required up to 2 days in advance

    【Opening Hours】
    From 12:00 to 21:00((Last order 19:00)
    【Open Hours】
    2 hours
    meat((beef/ /pork/ /chicken meat/ /Wiener)/ /vegetable/ /rice ball/ /Hors d'oeuvre
  • Banquet

    In addition, we will respond to dinner and parties according to your budget.