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Things to do

How to Spend Ryouchiku-Bettei

  • ~Family stay~

    • Lobby overlooking Beppu Bay

      Check in first!

      Kankaiji Onsen Beppu Hatto (8 hot spring areas), one of the eight hot springs of Beppu, is located on a hill in Beppu, so you can see the whole of Beppu!
      If you are lucky, you can even see Sadamisaki Peninsula in Shikoku!
    • The photo is a standard Japanese-style room

      Spacious room

      The room also boasts a superb view of Kankaiji Temple!
      You can choose a Japanese-style room, a Western-style room, or a Japanese + Western-style room to suit your occasion.
    • Relax in the private bath and relax in the large communal bath.

      The hot springs at Ryouchiku-Bettei are fed directly from the source.
      Children can use the hot springs that are gentle on the skin with peace of mind.
      Please heal your body and soul with Bihada-no-yu.
    • Relax at the rest area

      After enjoying the hot springs, how about relaxing in this space?
      There are also free drinks!
    • Dinner in Room

      Since it is a room meal, the whole family can eat with confidence.
      You can watch YouTube in your room, so it's safe even if you have children.
      The cute lunch for children is also attractive.((It depends on the plan)
    • To a small playground with Daddy

      We have a lot of goods such as picture books, sketchbooks, play sets, car toys, and more!

      A water playground will also be available only in the summer!
      ((July/ /August/ /September)
    • Mom goes to bedrock bath

      A women-only bedrock bath that opened in 2023.
      Work up a sweat and detox your body from the inside out!
    • To the premium lounge at night

      Exclusive lounge for premium room guests.
      Adult time to enjoy alcohol while watching the night view of Beppu.
      *Other people can use it for 2,200 yen / person.
    • Please enjoy a healthy breakfast.

      The breakfast is full of children's menus, and the buffet style is mainly Japanese for adults.
      You will be satisfied with the local cuisine of Oita prefecture!
    • After-meal coffee is relaxing in the lobby

      For dessert after breakfast, enjoy cakes and fruits in the lobby with a great view.
      How about Morning Coffee while watching the sunrise?
    • Enjoy until the end!

      Play in the kids room again before departure, moms take a hot spring, and dads enjoy footbaths!
      It is also recommended to relax after taking a bath!
    • Time to check out in no time

      Did you enjoy Ryoriku Bettei?
      At the end, the staff will send you off with a smile.
      looking forward to seeing you coming again.
  • Free plan for preschoolers

    Only customers who apply for this plan are offered a "free preschooler" service.
    Supper, futon and breakfast are also provided free of charge.
    You can also play in the courtyard in the summer☆
    There is also a kids room so you can stay with peace of mind.

    This plan plan limited to dates and number of groups.
    If there is a vacancy on your desired date, please apply as soon as possible.
    All customers who apply for plan plan available for a fee.